Peace of Mind

Monitherm introduces the MLS2000 monitoring system

Monitherm's wire-free temperature monitoring system, the MLS2000, provides flexibility, stability, and comprehensive monitoring and reporting options to give you complete peace of mind.

Wireless monitoring has progressed enormously over the last 5 years and has enabled Monitherm to develop the MLS2000 system to have a range in most sites of up to 250m from the receiver and to accommodate up to 128 sensors.

This means that diverse sites can be covered with one system, even if a large number of sensors are required. This means greater flexibility for users to move or add incubators, fridges or freezers, etc. and it can be installed retrospectively into most premises with minimal installation costs and added to at any time.

Accreditation and compliance with GLP are pressing reasons for ensuring that all temperature related equipment is logged and alarmed independently to give 24/7 coverage and complete peace of mind.

Unrivalled flexibility to add extra equipment to the system at any time up to the maximum 128 sensors as well as being able to relocate fridges, freezers or incubators etc without having to re-route or install extra wiring is an added benefit.

If you need to ensure you know what your systems are doing at all times, if you need to maintain the highest quality standards and comply with all required legislation then find out more about how the MLS2000 system can help you using this site or contact Monitherm for more information.