In response to increasing concern over the need to maintain traceable records of the performance of laboratory equipment Monitherm was established in 1998 to develop
a wire free temperature monitoring system for laboratories.

In line with other European countries, the UK government released frequencies and transmitter strengths for licence free use had only been available to the military.
This allowed Monitherm to complete the development of a system that would give the user the capability of monitoring all equipment on a large site without the need for wiring. Not only would this provide greater flexibility for the users, to move or add incubators, fridges or freezers, but would also be extremely cost effective.

Following the successful completion of the MLS2000 development with temperature sensors, the Company started to develop further sensors to extend the range to include RH, Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen and differential pressure (see specifications).

Monitherm is based in the market town of Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk,
near the University City of Cambridge, with its cutting edge technology centre at the Science Park.

Over the years (and we are in our 20th) we have maintained our commitment to development and introduced software that is more user friendly and more functional.  Databases are more easily accessed from any computer on the network and can be stored on a local server or on the web.